For as long as I can remember I have heard people talking about how kids start to mature and develop as they age, they get these little personalities, and they do things that are just unequivocally them. For the past week or two, our boy, who is going on 20 months, has started to exhibit some behaviors that are quintessentially Logan.

Sometimes if he has had it with my shit, he furrows his brow at me. It’s shocking, but cute as hell. Yesterday I reached over to give him a hug and interrupted him from taking a bite of a Rice Krispy treat and he was NOT HAPPY with Dad. His furrowed brow game was spot on.

If he finds something on the floor, he’ll pick it up and bring it to us. A scrap of paper, a stray bit of granola, the bite of lemon bar he just spit on the floor. Whatever it is, he picks it up -does not stick it in his mouth- and walks over to his Mother or myself, hand out, and gives it to us.

And this next one, it’s…odd.

In the last week or two, Logan’s toys that take batteries have mysteriously started glitching out. Playing the same song over and over again. Repeating the same 3 seconds of sound when it is supposed to play and shut off. The left blinker on his little motorcycle keeps getting stuck on.

I know what you’re thinking: bad batteries. But these toys were all bought at different times, and they’ve never had their batteries replaced at the same time.

And then there is the receiver for the entertainment center. It has no batteries, it’s plugged in. For more than a few weeks now it acts weird when Logan is around. For example:

I turn it on, it shows as on, it shows the right channel, but no sounds comes out. Sometimes if you switch channels back and forth it works fine. Sometimes you have to re-select the channel that it is already on to get it to work. That doesn’t even make sense, yet it fixes it…, but then it’s fine when Logan isn’t around.

I also know what you’re thinking right now, because I’m thinking it to:


Obviously he’s of the Harry Dresden variety. It all fits, right? I’ve already decided, in the interest of not destroying the house, that we shall not teach him forzare or fuego until he is much older. (Don’t get any ideas, no flickum bicus either.)

I don’t really know how we’re going to tell him this. Or when for that matter. What age is appropriate for finding out you can do actual magic? Suggestions are welcome.