I turned 42 a few weeks ago. Thanks to popular fiction I assumed I would get the answers to Life, The Universe, And Everything. (If you don’t get that reference, go read a fucking book, you cretin.) Instead, I got a brain that suddenly decided to stop functioning as well as I’d like. Case in point: Coffee and Lunch.

I don’t bring lunch to work with me every day, maybe 50% of the time. But I do make and bring 16 ounces of Valhalla Java Odinforce Blend every day. Or at least I attempt to.

It’s been 11 working days since my birthday:

I’ve made lunch 6 times and have forgotten it 3 times.

I get everything ready for my coffee the night before. The Keurig automatically turns on and warms up. My cup is ready. I just have to hit brew. In the last 11 working days I have:

– Made the coffee and left it under the Keurig 2 times
– Made the coffee, put the lid on, moved it across the kitchen, and left it on the counter one time
– Literally just forgot to make the coffee twice

That’s 5 coffee issues in just 11 days. And there are times where I remember the coffee and forget my lunch or remember my lunch and forget my coffee. One of those days I just walked out the door and forgot everything.

I suppose this could be sleep related. Now that Katie is back to work, she wakes me up around 4-ish to help with Logan. I’m up 30-60 minutes and I may or may not go back to bed. But even then, by the time I leave I am showered and somewhat awake, at least enough to drive to work. I shouldn’t to be forgetting shit at this rate.

I tend to put reminders for all sorts of random shit into my phone. Siri has made life easier in that respect. And I’m sure that contributes to forgetfulness. Why use brain power to remember anything if you can schedule everything in your phone simply by speaking to it?

But I’m not willing to admit defeat and schedule a daily reminder to grab my damn coffee on the way out the door. At least not yet.