Our country is divided. People are protesting, people are rioting, I see friends and family hashing it out over Facebook using language that would get them beaten in real life. It’s really sad. I was pondering this sad state of affairs and wondering what I could do to make things better when inspiration struck.

I would take an issue where people can’t seem to agree on an answer and I will solve it for them. Sounds simple enough, right? Here we go.

The Issue: Who is the winner in the Freddy Vs Jason movie?

The Answer: Jason. I don’t even know how this is a question. And I say that as a guy who is far more partial to Freddy. But it comes down to this:

At the end of the fight, if you walk away holding your opponent’s decapitated head, even if that head is still alive, you are the clear winner. There is no argument to that. None.

And that is that. Glad to be of service.