I am honored to know several veterans. As we thank them today, I can’t help but think of the rest of the year, where I see the toll their service has taken on them. The inner turmoil, the aching body, the bad back, and memories I’m glad I’ll never know…they live with this 24/7/365.

So today when we give thanks for these heroes, it seems incomplete, like we just can’t give them enough. It’s a debt people like me can never fully repay.

So when we say thanks, they’re only words, but please know they are a reflection of the love and respect we have for you. And in a time of crisis that we have now, where so many are divided, it’s a nice reminder that there are some things that we can all agree on. That’s just one more service our Veterans have provided to us. I am grateful for them all.

With love, respect, and heartfelt thanks,

– Tech