Six TV is my favorite new show. I’ve only known about it for a few months, but it is by far my favorite thing I’ve ever watched.

At first I was only able to catch it a few times a week, but now it’s just on Fridays at the high risk clinic. It’s in black and white for the most part, which seems odd in this digital world we live in. Occasionally we do get a 3D, sepia-toned picture, but there’s usually an arm or leg in the way. Two weeks ago Katie and I watched Six give a HUGE stretch, mouth open, arms above his head, and it was, without a doubt, the best thing my eyes have ever seen. We’ve watched Six get bigger and bigger, and doing the exact opposite of his Dad, going from no hair to having hair on his head. We only get audio for parts of the show, but what we do get, hearing his strong little heart go “thump-thump-thump.” is magic.

Two days ago on Six Radio (my other favorite show) during a Non-Stress Test at the OBGYN, I was listening to his heartbeat and this random “whup-whup” would come over the speaker as well. I only has a second to wonder what in the hell that was when the nurse smiled and said, “He has the hiccups.”

Hiccups? My boy has the hiccups?

I’m sure that a month from now when a milk hiccup evolves into a projectile milk puking on my clean shirt that I won’t be as amused, but right now the mere concept that our boy is growing and having little baby hiccups tickles me to no end. And I am aware, and a little saddened that Six TV and Six Radio are only going to be around for 3 months due to how late we found out in the process.

But then I realize that while we’re losing those two programs, we’re starting up something new in 9 or 10 days, not a sequel really, but a whole new network called Six Live. It’s 24/7 All Six All The Time. And the best part is it is interactive. We won’t just be watching and hearing, we’ll be living it.

How cool is that?