There is this thing that happens in video games that pisses me off. Not “I’m about to throw my controller” angry, I was never that guy, but it is irksome nonetheless. This happens in a lot of games where you get a ship or helicopter. We’re gonna go with a spaceship because that’s what my character was in the last time this happened.

Recently I was playing Destiny, the Rise of Iron expansion. You don’t really fly your spaceship in Destiny. It’s a space game that takes place all across the solar system where the only time you’re ever on a ship is for loading screens and cut scenes. (How does that make sense? Two years in and I haven’t figured it out.) Sometimes at the beginning of a mission it shows a nice panoramic view of an area with your destination off in the distance, often you even get a close up shot. Then you get dropped a long ways off and begin to fight your way to your goal.



Don’t drop me off a half mile away with 200 enemies between the door and myself! This spaceship has taken me to Earth, The Moon, Mars, Venus, the Rings of Saturn, all sorts of places and for some reason you can’t fly 10 more seconds and drop me off at the doors of the temple? BULLSHIT.