There is the huge disconnect that makes people believe that just because someone is wealthy that they can in no way be oppressed. Or that they somehow are not allowed to sympathize with others who are because of their personal situation. This is fallacy.

The kneeling thing… people are losing their fucking minds over someone choosing to USE THE FREEDOM that THE FLAG REPRESENTS.

“Ship him out of the country!” they say. “Arrest him!” they say.

Are you fucking kidding me? You merely disagree with his stance so you want to ship him away or take away his freedom?

Your arrogant, knee-jerk stupidity astounds me.

For the record, I too find the kneeling and fist raising very disrespectful. But it is their right to do so, guaranteed by the Constitution. They want to raise awareness, begin a conversation, and they are met by the same flavor of hate they are protesting against. And if it isn’t outright hate, it is immediate dismissiveness, a tact that, if used against all these angry people, would make them apoplectic. Double standard much?

You want this issue to go away? Here’s how you do it: Listen. Really listen. Pay attention. Work on a solution. Make a change. Be the change.

Until that happens, you are part of the problem.