The wife and I wanted to pay off one of the bigger monthly bills early this year.  So while we are now spending $210 less on bills each month, we also had to bail out of a planned West Coast ride this summer.

I knew I wasn’t going to be happy not riding anywhere over the warmer months. I also knew another brother wanted to get out of town as well so we started looking for places relatively close.

We determined Arkansas was our best bet. We’re going to make Eureka Springs, AK our home base for 5 days during the second week in June. It’s roughly 400 miles from Des Moines. A few others have decided to come with. We’ll be staying at The Trails Inn. One of the guys going with us has stayed at The Trails Inn and gave it a great review. He’s ridden Arkansas many times and knows several great roads.  Should be a great time.

I’m also considering an Iron Butt ride sometime this summer, just to say I did it.  Not sure on the route for that or which version of the Iron Butt I’d even do, but it’s in my head. More to come.