Jason X: This was the first time I’ve seen this movie. It’s not nearly as bad as I thought it was gonna be.That said, it started off so promising, but goes off the rails towards the end. When the girl is supposed to be sucked through the hole in the side of the spaceship, they don’t show it at all, which is a massive oversight, the acting is a bit hodgepodge, where folks who acted very well earlier and/or later in the film give a few wooden line readings. The women weren’t all just easy redshirts, which was nice. UberJason is silly, but enjoyable. I’d watch it again. Best Kill: The girl who gets her face frozen and then shattered on the counter.

Freddy Vs Jason: I love this movie. I’ve seen it easily a dozen times. Just go watch it. I really dig the part at the beginning where Jason has the girl stuck to the tree and her face morphs into a bunch of victims and they talk about how they all deserved it. Cool little insight into Jason’s mind. Some folks argue there was no winner and it was a tie, but in my book, if you walk out of a lake holding the other guy’s head, even if that head is still alive, you have won. Lots of great kills here, but the folding bed one is pretty great. The rave guy with the glow sticks who is impaled and tosses is also pretty great.

Friday the 13th: The Reboot: I liked this as well. The idea that Jason kidnaps a girl because she resembles his mom is weird but understandable. I liked that they started Jason without the mask like in the originals and had him discover it during the movie. Best kill/sequence is probably the girl in the sleeping bag hung up over the fire while the guy gets his foot caught in an animal trap. That said I’m also a big fan of the entire scene where the machete is coming up through the floorboards before Jason drags the guy down.

And that’s the end of the Friday the 13th movies. It has been suggested I should go through the Nightmare on Elm Street movies as well. I always did prefer Freddy to Jason, but I never want to sit through Nightmares 5 & 6 again. Ever.

Krampus comes out soon. Expect some words on that.