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B.A.C.A. 100 Mile Ride 2018

On May 19th, 2018, Members and Supporters of Bikers Against Child Abuse ® across the world will ride for Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention. Each rider will collect pledges to support our ride and further our fight against child abuse. I am seeking out sponsors for this year in hopes of meeting my personal goal…

B.A.C.A. Flippy Cup Tournament – March 10, 2018


10th Annual Midwest Legacy Chapter Run

The Legacy Chapter Run is an annual event to honor all brothers and sisters, both members & supporters, lost in the B.A.C.A.® Nation. All proceeds go to the Legacy Fund that offers financial assistance with funeral expenses, accidents, illnesses & other life changing events when the family is unable to cover them on their own….

Where I’m Going and Where I’m From Isn’t Your Business

NOTE: Originally written in September 2015, but never published. I was having dinner with my brother Sarge last night and this conversation came up. I gave it another look this morning and it reads better than I remember, if a slight bit petulant. But the fact remains that I, and all my brothers and sisters,…