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I’m Not Ready to be Dad

We purposely chose a daycare for Logan that was not one of those academy places. I’m sure they do a fine job, but it just seems far too much like school to me, far too structured. Don’t get me wrong, some structure is good, even necessary, but Logan is a toddler. He won’t be 3…

B.A.C.A. 10th Anniversary 100 Mile Ride

Saturday May 18th, 2019. We ride rain or shine. Starting at Skate West and ending at The Tattered Toad in Cambridge. Registration begins at 10 AM, kickstands up at noon. All makes/models are welcome.


My Sister is Missing

Hello everyone, I’m trying to find my sister, Angela Jewell. She’s been missing for 6 months now.  Last we heard, she might be with a guy named Justus, (the guy in the photos) and may have been living in a tent by the river here in Des Moines.  Just FYI: – I have filed a…

The Tale of the Light Thief

Last week, Logan was looking up at the side of the refrigerator and noticed an orange and black object. He pointed at it and said “Daddy-O,” which means he wanted to see it. (He has recently started calling us Daddy-O and Mommy-O.) I took it down and gave it to him. It was an emergency…